James Franco hit “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote the highly anticipated film “The Disaster Artist” and he brought a familiar face!

“The Disaster Artist” focuses on “The Room”, a film made in 2003, written by and starring Tommy Wiseau, which has been dubbed “the greatest bad movie ever made.”

“Which is a particular thing,” Franco clarified. “Because there are thousands of movies we will never watch again but people have been watching this movie, ‘The Room’ for fourteen and a half years.”

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The film garnered rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival and currently has a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It is, according to Wiseau, who joined James on the talk show, “99.9%” accurate.

Franco plays eccentric European filmmaker Wiseau in “The Disaster Artist” and revealed to Jimmy how he came across the idea for the project. Watch below.

Franco’s longtime collaborators fill out the rest of the cast and, as the star told us at the TIFF, was a real treat with both his on-screen bro, Seth Rogen, and real-life bro, Dave Franco, joining him in the film.

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Dave plays line producer Greg Sestero in the film, revealed to Roz the pressure associated with not only the film’s story, but working with his brother and his wife, Alison Brie.

“You know, some people warn you. They’re like, “It’s tough. It might make things weird at home,” but I have such a great time working with both of them,” he says. “When it works, I feel more comfortable with them than anyone else, so as an actor, it relaxes me and it allows me to just try things and try things that don’t work a lot of the time but don’t feel self-conscious about it.”

“We made [“The Disaster Artist”] for the fans,” Dave shared, “hoping it could extend beyond that but we made it for the fans so we took it so seriously. We didn’t want it to be a movie that we were making fun of ‘The Room’ or anyone in ‘The Room’. We just wanted to humanize everyone, show you how this thing came about.”

“The Disaster Artist” stars James Franco, Dave Franco, Alison Brie and Seth Rogen and is in theatres today.