Watch: First Trailer For Lifetime’s Unauthorized ‘Full House’ Movie

UPDATE: June 20 (2:00 p.m.)  The first trailer for Lifetime’s unauthorized “Full House’ movie has landed! And while it’s only 15 seconds long, it sets a dramatic tone for the upcoming August 22 made-for-tv-movie.

See it for yourself below:

UPDATE: Tuesday, Apr. 28 (9:05 a.m.) Upon hearing that Lifetime is planning an unauthorized Full House biopic, no less an authority than Uncle Jesse himself has thrown in his two cents about it — and, as you’d expect, it’s not exactly a glowing review.

Stamos, who is exec producer of the upcoming Netflix reboot Fuller House, had this to say about the Lifetime flick:


Hot off the news a Full House reboot is headed to Netflix, Lifetime has an unexpected announcement of its own: get ready for a Full House tell-all TV movie!

The Hollywood Reporter confirms the network has give the go-ahead for The Unauthorized Full House Story (working title). The MOW will chronicle the making of the hit ABC comedy, and explore the real-life pressures and frustrations that were often at odds with the idyllic Tanner family.

The announcement comes less than a year after Lifetime produced its unauthorized Saved By The Bell movie, which painted a not-so-blissful behind-the-scenes picture of the teen-friendly Saturday morning sitcom. And yes, the same writer is on board for the Full House follow-up.

Casting will begin right away, with no release date set as of now.

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