If you’re one of those types who hasn’t made it to the multiplex this year yet would still like to be up to date on what’s been going on at the movies during 2017, then step right up because the annual Sleepy Skunk movie mashup is here!

Each year, the editing whiz known as Sleepy Skunk slices together a supercut of pretty much every movie released during that particular calendar year, with brief snippets of each combined into one epic mashup.

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This year’s mashup features everything from big-budget bombs (“Geostorm”, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”) to crowd-pleasing blockbusters (“Wonder Woman”, “IT”) to everything in between (ranging from Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed horror film “Get Out” to the critically panned, ultra-weird “Mother!”).

You can check out this year’s mashup in all its glory above, and see how many of this year’s movies you can recognize crammed into the video’s six-minute-and-45-second running time.

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