2018 ended as it began: with Blake Shelton hailed as our biggest star of the year.

The ‘Voice’ host and arm candy for Gwen Stefani (and occasional country music singer) won our annual tournament that sees our viewers/users/patrons cast votes in the name of fame. When the dust settled, Shelton’s win was as handsome as the man himself.

Shelton’s 2017 win was really no shock, having claimed People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title that November. This year’s win comes slightly more out of left field, though we can’t say it’s any less deserving. In the final round — when all but two of the 64 contestants were sent packing — Shelton beat Ryan Eggold with 186,000 votes to 80,000 votes, as an emphatic a victory as you will ever see. Ever. Period. Case closed.

Congrats to Blake and all the newsmakers of yesteryear. Here’s hoping for another 365 days of prosperity.