A pond rink worker likely did not know she was talking to arguably the best professional hockey player in the world when she told Connor McDavid he’s been wearing the wrong skate size.

And being the polite Canadian he is, the Edmonton Oilers captain went along with it.

The funny exchange happened as the team was in Boston, where they played the Bruins Sunday night.

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McDavid laughed when asked about the incident.

“Yeah, I was just with my brother and his buddy,” he said to reporters in Edmonton a few days later. “They came out to Boston and it was nice to spend some time with them.”

McDavid said they were bored on Saturday night, so they decided to go for a skate at a pond across from their hotel, which is when the exchange with the well-intentioned rink worker happened.

“Tried to rent some skates and the lady was trying to give me some advice on what size I should go with. I went with it. I mean, I’m not going to argue with her, right?”

While some hockey players are very particular about their gear — some to the point of being superstitious — McDavid put preferences aside for a casual skate. He told NHL.com while the fit was a little big, “they did the trick.”

The league said the incident happened at Boston Common Frog Pond, located in city’s downtown core.

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“Highlight of the weekend was when the skate lady corrected Connor about his skate size, explaining that his skate size should be one less than his shoe size,” his brother Cameron wrote in an Instagram post showing the trio wearing their rented skates at the pond.

The 20-year-old won the fastest skater competition at the NHL Skills Competition last season, by doing a lap around the NHL rink in 13.02 seconds.

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