Jane Seymour Opens Up About Her Experiences Of Harassment In Hollywood

Jane Seymour is opening up about her own experiences of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

The 66-year-old “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” star appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” Monday to talk about the issue of harassment and assault in the film industry.

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“I’m not gonna mention the person’s name and so out of respect I shouldn’t,” Seymour told Kelly. “I came to Hollywood at 22 or 23-years-old and I did a test for my first movie. Another producer called my agent and said, ‘I want to see her and screen her.'”

“I was told to go to his house to watch a screening and show me the test. He was the single most powerful man in Hollywood,” she continued. “So I went and he showed me the thing and there was no one else there except the screening guy and next thing I know he’s telling me I’m amazing and it’s my turn.”

“And I said, ‘My turn?’ And he says ‘Yes, you know what you have to do.’ And he put his hand on my leg,” Seymour said, “and I move[d] away and he followed and I said ‘I’m really sorry but I have to leave.'”

Seymour said that she asked the producer to call her a cab, and “he looked me in the eye and he was angry and said, ‘If you tell anyone you were ever here, let alone what happened, you will never work again.'”

The actress said that later while on a flight with one of the other producers she understood the producer’s actions were an “open secret.”

“I was on the airplane and the [film’s] other producer was on the plane and he said, ‘By the way we all know what happened and you made the right choice,'” she explained. “I gave up acting for a year, I was just not prepared to do it.”

Seymour said that she later ended up working with the same producer who harassed her on the film “Somewhere in Time”.

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She also alleged that her son has had his own experiences with sexual assault in Hollywood.

“My son is a filmmaker, when he was younger he would make films and he was at a Hollywood event and a publicist came up to him and said, ‘Come with me and we’ll make something more of your career’ and he went to his car and he was all loopy,” Seymour described.

She continued: “The guy roofied him and started grabbing his private parts and tried making out with him. His friend was completely sober and when the car stopped, he grabbed my son and they ran. People don’t think about that, he got shamed he couldn’t talk about it.”

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