“Get Out” was one of 2017’s many fan-favourite flicks. And with that, comes a lot of fan theories about the writing, direction and acting.

But thanks to Vanity Fair, director Jordan Peele is here to debunk, and confirm, some of those theories.

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Peele denies some of the craziest thoughts from the minds Reddit users like, no, the movie does not take place in Rod the TSA agent’s mind. And “Get Out” is not a sequel to “Being John Malkovich”.

He also shuts down theories about why Rose eats Fruit Loops. And Jeremy’s ukulele song choice was not intentional, it was, in fact, the only song actor Caleb Landry Jones knew how to play.

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But Peele gives credit to the fan theorists, “Thank you for this, these are very good thoughts. Some of y’all are crazy,” he joked.

Adding, “I honestly never thought people would pick up on this so fast and I’m inspired to bring more.”