Keshia Chanté is talking her relationship with NHL player Ray Emery to the next level.

No, not marriage.

She’s joining the second season of the hit W Network docuseries, Hockey Wives.

“The hockey world is kind of new to me in a way,”; Keisha tells ET Canada. “But it’s really interesting. It’s intricate. It’s kind of secretive. It’s like a little underworld.”;

Dating the Philadelphia Flyers goaltender for five years now, Keisha is about to shed some light on their relationship whenHockey Wives returns later this year. It’ll also shed some light on Keshia herself, who shot to fame as a pop singer when she was just 14 years old.

“I have only really shown the music side of me and my passion for music,”; says the 27-year-old. “I’m excited to show people  Keshia Chanté, the housewife. Keshia Chanté, the creator, the musician, the businesswoman.”;

And don’t expect Keshia to have a filter.

“You’re gonna get it all,”; she says. “I’m probably going to say something offensive!”;