A Peterborough man can say You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet after a chance meeting with Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman while in Omemee, Ont., on Friday before the Neil Young concert.

Barry Killen was in Omemee to shoot some footage for a short documentary about Young’s performance. That’s when he found a Blackberry cellphone near the village sign.

Turns out it belonged to Bachman, lead guitarist with The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, who was also going to Young’s concert at Coronation Hall.

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“It’s just nice to see a good news story about two Canadian guys on the opposite end of the famous spectrum but we really weren’t that different,” said Killen.

Killen called the number on the back of the phone which turned out to be Bachman’s manager. Shortly after Bachman showed up.

“I was taking some close-ups of the building and then this character pulls up and I’m like ‘that’s Randy Bachman’ and I yell, ‘hey Randy’ and he stepped to the side of the road and I returned his phone,” said Killen.

Killen says Bachman offered him an extra ticket for the 90-minute show but it was too crowded and he couldn’t get in.

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But Killen says he wasn’t discouraged — more excited about a text message he received around 12:30 a.m. from Bachman apologizing about the concert seating snag.

Bachman also tweeted about meeting Killen.

“So I think I’m jumping on an Uber and going to the after-concert party but it’s not the case — just a really sincere thank-you,” said Killen. “Then an apology from Randy Bachman saying it was a great experience for him.

“That’s what Canada is all about. It’s not always the main attraction. Sometimes it’s the sideshow that’s of interest.”