Paul McCartney’s Long-Lost 1965 Christmas Album ‘Unforgettable’ Resurfaces Online

Paul McCartney’s long-lost Christmas album Unforgettable has resurfaced online after it was made back in 1965.

McCartney, 75, only produced three acetate discs of the rare LP, giving one to each member of The Beatles.

“Unfortunately, the quality of these discs was such that they wore out as you played them for a couple of weeks,” McCartney said in Per Mark Unterberger’s book, “The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film”.

“There’s probably a tape somewhere, though,” the musician added.

The unearthed record features no original material from McCartney, but it does include the singer introducing a playlist of tracks by artists such as The Rolling Stones and Elvis.

Paul McCartney with The Beatles in 1965
Paul McCartney with The Beatles in 1965 — GETTY

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McCartney previously said of his secret recordings, “I had two Brenell tape recorders set up at home, on which I made experimental recordings and tape loops, like the ones in ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. And once I put together something crazy, something left-field, just for the other Beatles, a fun thing which they could play late in the evening. It was just something for the mates, basically.”

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McCartney is currently in Australia for the “One on One” tour. Earlier this week, he spoke to ABC Online about his decision to go solo.

He explained: “It was either that or quit. And that was the decision at the time but I realized I liked music too much and if I quit, I’d still be doing it as a hobby.

“If you’re a good cook, and they suddenly say ‘Okay, you’ve won MasterChef,’ it’s not like you’re going to stop cooking. It’s something you love doing. Same for me, it’s something I love.”

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