Reese Witherspoon Sued Over ‘Gone Girl’

Reese Witherspoon served as one of the producers on the 2014 feature “Gone Girl”, but now that producer’s credit looks to land her in court.

As TMZ reports, the “Big Little Lies” star is named in a lawsuit filed by a screenwriter who claims that “Gone Girl” (both the movie and the 2012 novel on which it’s based) ripped off a screenplay she wrote back in 2005.

According to TMZ, writer Leslie Weller’s lawsuit states that “Gone Girl” shares numerous similarities with her script, “Out of the Blue”, alleging that she sent a copy to a script consultant, a move that made it possible for key elements of the script to be hijacked.

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Weller’s lawsuit notes that both her script and “Gone Girl” centre on a married couple who are drifting apart, and also contain a “key twist” in which the wife is revealed to have faked her own death and framed her husband for the murder.

The suit also alleges similarities in the story structure, and says that both her script and “Gone Girl” feature a scene involving a hammer, which leads the viewer to believe the husband is capable of harming his wife.

In addition to Witherspoon, also being sued are Gillian Flynn, author of the book, and director David Fincher.

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