Songstress Lights Explores Sexuality And Battles Depression In New Album Comic Book

Canada’s own Lights’ new album “Skin & Earth” is a bare bones and down to earth project.

The Ontario-born singer released her fourth studio album in September and opened up about the song’s personal themes in a new interview with People.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter actually adapted the album into a six-part comic book series. Lights even wrote and illustrated the comic book herself!

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“It took 10 hours a page, and it’s 170 pages! You do the math!” said Lights, 30.

“You can get to know me a little bit by reading it, just to get to know my personality,” the “Giants” singer continues. “She’s kind of a goof, this totally flawed person with issues, and she’s bisexual — and it made me realize that about myself, too.”

And that is what sparked Lights’ epiphany about her own sexuality: “If I met the right girl, I could easily fall in love. Love is so much more than gender. You fall in love with a person.”

But exploring his sexuality was really a consequence of the album’s main theme: mental health. “Mental health is the main concept of the story; the whole story is a metaphor for that,” explained Lights.

“I had years of struggling with depression and inner demons, and this was my way of talking about it,” she added.

And she hopes others can take something from her story. “I think there was a time I would have been [afraid to talk about it], but now, the way things are today, people need to talk about mental health and need to be open about it and be able to have a conversation about it,” Lights stated.

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Continuing, “I know other people go through this all the time — most people do, and nobody’s cool to admit it. So I think it’s time that people do.”

Lights also opened up about taking her beautiful little girl Rocket, 2, on the road.

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“It’s kind of a balancing act all the time,” she says of parenting on the road. “But I’ve learned to be more spontaneous and just go with it.”

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