Priyanka Chopra sparked an impromptu Internet-wide competition to see who is the worst at checking their email.

Actor Alan Powell shared an Instagram photo of Chopra’s iPhone, which boasts notifications for over 250,000 unread emails.

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“Don’t ever email Priyanka Chopra. She apparently never reads it,” Powell captioned the photo. “This is the record, I defy anyone to beat it.”

Challenge accepted, said the Internet. Soon after, fans on social media began sharing screenshots of their own impressive inability to check notifications.

Twitter user Jayank Gupta, for example, crossed the 10,000 mark on Gmail.

Meanwhile user Sandeep Singh got creative, tallying a total of 60,000 unread emails spread rather evenly across three different email apps.

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But Chopra’s record was soon broken, or so it seems. User Piyush Raka showed off an astonishing 381,753 unread emails, but some members of the Twitterverse are questioning its authenticity.

Chopra will star in January’s third season of “Quantico”.