Seth Rogen And Jonah Hill Crash James Franco’s ‘SNL’ Monologue (And So Does Steve Martin)

James Franco made his fourth appearance as host of “Saturday Night Live” — which aired Saturday on Global —griping that five-timers get a jacket and a party, while four-timers receive… nothing — not even a monologue, so instead he opened the show by taking questions from the audience.

As a woman posed a question, Franco couldn’t help but notice a familiar face sitting behind her, peeking out: frequent co-star and collaborator Seth Rogen.

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As Rogen explained, this just randomly happened to be the week that he finally landed “SNL” tickets through the show’s lottery system, leading Rogen to point out that even though Franco is hosting for the fourth time, he’s only hosted twice.

“There’s a rule that only one stoner can host a season, and it’s me,” Franco explained, reminding that when he stars in movies without Rogen he receives Oscar nominations; when he appears with Rogen, he wins Stoner Awards.

“Why don’t you tell James that they’re called ‘Stonys,’ which is a hilarious play on the word ‘Tonys,’ and that they are as prestigious as an Oscar, plus when you win you get a bag of weed,” replied an indignant Rogen.

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Meanwhile, Rogen was then joined in the audience by late arrival Jonah Hill, looking remarkably slimmed down.

“Has SZA gone on, yet?” he asked Rogen of the show’s musical guest, asking who was hosting this week.

“It’s Franco,” quipped a disappointed Rogen, with Hill responding, “Davey Franco?” Realizing the host was James, not Dave, Hill wondered: “Oh… people, they wanna see you?”

Suddenly there was another interruption, this time coming from up in the cheap seats —where Steve Martin was sitting.

“I want you to know I used to stand on that very spot, right where you’re standing,” Martin angrily told Franco. “And I gotta say, I resent it, just a little bit.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on Global; you can also watch full episodes online.

Twitter response to Franco’s star-studded monologue was through the roof, judging by the way it all played out via Twitter moments:

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