Gigi Hadid is getting praised for allegedly showing off her armpit hair in a new sultry workout video for the Love magazine’s annual advent calendar, while some sources are calling it a wardrobe malfunction.

For day 11 of the magazine’s video series, the 22-year-old model, who appears with wet, slicked hair and smudged eyeliner in a tight red sports bra and shorts, puts her “freeform” workout on full display, throwing punches and high kicks at the camera lens.

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While many fans have taken note of Hadid’s athletic moves, including her multiple impressive volleyball spikes, some viewers couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be armpit hair on the model as she threw up her toned arms near the end.

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In response to the comments, TMZ reports that sources close to Hadid say that the model was not, in fact, showing off her unshaven armpits; however, there was an apparent blue residue left over from the cropped jacket she was wearing midway through the video.

If fans look closely at the minute-long clip, the so-called “armpit” hair does appear to be blue, further proving it’s most likely not Hadid showing off her underarm hair.