Not only has Leslie Feist delivered a new album this year, the Canadian singer-songwriter is also offering an accompanying cookbook, chock full of recipes for meals she ate while recording the new LP, “Pleasure”.

The 122-page cookbook is titled Pleasures: The Meals of an Album, and documents the 40 meals made by chef Adrienne Amato (who is also the cookbook’s co-author) during the 11 days spent recording the album.

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“The making of an album is a communal process on many levels, and that extended to the community of the kitchen while we were recording,” said Feist said in a statement. “We hope this book will embolden you to expand your repertoire, stock up on simple staples and invite friends into your kitchen to cook some of these meals with them.”


The new cookbook retails for $25, and is available exclusively at Feist’s online store, with books expected to ship on Dec. 11.

Not only does the cookbook offer some amazing recipes, but proceeds will be donated to a good cause: Community Food Centres Canada, a non-profit dedicated to building “health, belonging and social justice in low-income communities across Canada through the power of food.”