Seth Rogen Says James Franco’s Method Acting And Directing On ‘The Disaster Artist’ Was ‘Weird’

Seth Rogen and best friend James Franco have teamed up for another film together, this time Franco starred and sat in the director’s chair for the biopic “The Disaster Artist”.

But in an interview with Seth Meyers on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” Rogen, 35, revealed some of Franco’s methods of acting, and directing, were a little “weird.”

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“The Disaster Artist” follows the life of actor/director Tommy Wiseau (Franco) and the making of Wiseau’s film “The Room”, which has been dubbed “the best worst movie of all time.”

“He did stay in character the whole time we were making the movie as Tommy. He would speak in the Tommy voice and he was in prosthetic makeup while directing the movie,” Seth told host Seth. “It’s probably the first time anyone’s directed a movie in character. And in the movie he’s directing a movie so it’s also weird.”

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Adding, Franco would frighten those who came to visit the movie on location, “Yeah, it was really strange. I would warn everybody who came on set.”

“The Disaster Artist” is in theatres now.



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