Rachel McAdams Lends Support To Protecting The Arctic In New Greenpeace Video

Rachel McAdams already showed her support of Greenpeace when she and Jane Fonda attended a Vancouver rally last month, protesting B.C.’s controversial oil pipeline project, and now the True Detective star is lending her voice to a Greenpeace video.

In the video, which the actress narrates, a sole polar bear is shown wandering through an urban cityscape, a what-if scenario demonstrating the potential effects that climate change may have on Arctic wildlife.

“The presence of oil companies in the Arctic brings with it great risk, not only to this already fragile environment but to our ecosystem as a whole,” said McAdams in a Greenpeace statement. “Accidents happen and the Arctic can’t afford that. It’s time to ask for cleaner, safer alternatives. Several alternatives already exist that can help create jobs and clean up our planet at the same time. I hope this video inspires others to take action on this important issue.”;

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ9-ozwgEPc%5D

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