Macaulay Culkin gave wrestling fans the surprise of a lifetime this week when he interfered in a match using some clever tactics from his days as “Home Alone”’s Kevin McAllister.

While watching at ringside at L.A.’s Bar Wrestling match involving Joey Ryan, Candace Larae and Dick Justice vs. Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and Swoggle, the actor emptied out a bucket full of balls into the ring, causing wrestlers to trip and fall to the ground.

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The move drew huge cheers from fans, who soon began chanting “Home Alone! Home Alone!”

“Home Alone” fans will remember a similar scene from Culkin’s 1990 holiday movie when his character went up against a set of burglars who entered his family home.

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But Culkin had much more up his sleeve! The now-37-year-old star shoved Swoggle to the ground then delivered a paint bucket to the head — another classic “Home Alone” move!

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the match was filmed for Culkin’s upcoming YouTube series.

As Sports Illustrated points out, this isn’t the former child star’s first time in the ring. Culkin made a cameo on WWE Raw back in 2009 alongside Swoggle, who also stole some of McAllister’s moves for himself.

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