WestJet’s vice-president of marketing, Richard Bartem, does not seem phased by Lil Pump’s criticism of the Canadian airline in his hit song, “Gucci Gang”.

According to The Globe and Mail, Bartem was attending the WestJet Airlines holiday party in Vancouver when he heard the 17-year-old Florida rapper’s Hot 100 song, which notably slams the airline with the verse: “Everybody scream, ‘F**ck WestJet.'”

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“I’m like, ‘Really? At our own Christmas party?'” the outlet reports Bartem saying. He later clarified that the airline has chosen not to react to the song: “We didn’t believe there was anything we needed to be doing. We believe it would only fan the situation.”

Last July, Lil Pump, formerly known as Gazzy Garcia, alleged that he was kicked off of a WestJet flight from Vancouver to Toronto after he reportedly disturbed other passengers by removing his shirt and repeating his catchphrase “Esketit” while intoxicated.

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In a NSFW video shared to YouTube, the rapper, who sports pink dreadlocks, is seen riding on a luggage cart and getting onto the plane, while showing off his gold chain and proclaiming, “First class,” despite the airline only offering “Premium Economy” seats.

While Bartem denies that Lil Pump was kicked off the flight before it took off, the rapper has since been banned from using the airline all together. “If I were working on my own rap song, it might be called ‘Consequences’,” Bartem reportedly says.