Just like Jason DeRulo’s uncle always says, “it’s a small world.”

Liam Payne’s Uber ride was far more fascinating than he could anticipate. As it turned out, Payne’s driver was none other than DeRulo’s uncle!

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The former One Direction star and the “Swalla” singer’s uncle laughed over the coincidental run-in. After all, Payne and DeRulo recently squared off on TBS’ “Drop the Mic” celebrity rap battle show.

The Uber driver called up his nephew and DeRulo was totally caught off-guard when Payne started talking to him. “Yo, Jason. It’s Liam,” said Payne. “We did the TBS rap battle the other week. I’m with your uncle. What’s going on?”

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DeRulo’s uncle gave Payne’s people his card so the singer could go for more rides with him in the future.

“Your uncle is a legend,” Payne tweeted to DeRulo.