It’s all about the Benjamins, literally!

Lin-Manuel Miranda celebrated the one-year anniversary of his “Hamilton Mixtape” with an ode dedicated to American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.

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Miranda, 37, is referring to the new release as a “#HAMILDROP” and collaborated with indie rock band The Decembrists for “Ben Franklin’s Song”.

The song tells the story of the famous inventor and repeatedly asks listeners, “Do you know who the f**k I am?” and proclaims “Benjamin f**king Franklin”.

Similar to Kanye West’s GOOD Fridays, the “Hamilton” creators “#HAMILDROPS” will release free new music on a regular schedule.

“So today, we begin THE HAMILDROPS,” tweeted Miranda. “We’re gonna drop some new Hamilton content, every month, December NOW through December 2018.”

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The monthly releases work as a spiritual successor to the first “Hamilton Mixtape”. “I know I promised you a ‘Hamilton Mixtape Vol. 2’, but nothing’s gonna match those songs in that order,” he explained.