Kevin Hart Talks Babies, Impersonates Shaq (With Stilts!) And More Highlights From ‘SNL’ Holiday Episode

Kevin Hart made his third appearance hosting “Saturday Night Live” (airing Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on Global) this week, on the final episode of 2017.

In his monologue, Hart opened up about being a new dad (he and wife Aniko Parrish welcomed son Enzo in November) and he admitted his apprehension about going through the terrible twos again (Hart is the father of two other children, aged 10 and 12, from his previous marriage), joking that all an energetic two-year-old wants to do is “play that game where you close your eyes and I open them back up. I’m gonna jump on your neck, daddy!”

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Kevin Hart donned a bald cap and, hilariously, a set of stilts to portray Shaquille O’Neal in a spoof of “Inside the NBA”, with Hart’s version of Shaq making such nonsensical utterances as, “Every dog has his day, but it’s nighttime, no time for dogs. Dogs are asleep. So it’s cat time.”

Meanwhile, Weekend Update anchors had plenty to say about this week’s Alabama election results, and welcomed a couple of special guests. First up: former “Apprentice” villain Omarosa (played by Leslie Jones), who disputed reports she was fired from her White House job and insisted that it was she who deactivated her own access card, and she who escorted Secret Service agents off the property. Also dropping by is the Guy Who Just Bought a Boat (Alex Moffat), who is not having an easy time wrapping his head around the recent spate of sexual harassment scandals.

Kevin Hart was front and centre in this sketch set in an office meeting, with Hart playing a guy who totally gets busted for fabricating fake phone calls about imaginary family emergencies, simply so he can take a bathroom break.

With Christmas right around the corner, the episode also served up a holiday-themed sketch about a nativity play that takes a weird turn thanks to a sexed-up llama (subbing for a camel, which are waaay more expensive to rent).

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on Global; you can also watch full episodes online. “SNL” returns with new episodes on Saturday, Jan. 13, featuring host Sam Rockwell and musical guest Halsey.

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