Jane Fonda is on a roll these days, not just on television with her new Netflix series Grace and Frankie, but also when it comes to her ongoing efforts as a political activist, protesting oil-industry plans for a pipeline and offshore drilling in Alaska.

Following her appearance at a Greenpeace rally a few weeks back, the 77-year-old actress will be joining such luminaries as Dr. David Suzuki, author Naomi Klein and former Canadian diplomat Stephen Lewis in a march through the streets of downtown Toronto today.

The goal: to raise awareness of climate change and to call for a new economic system that’s not tied to dependence on fossil fuels.

“It’s really very simple. We cannot drill anymore,”; said Fonda (as reported by CBC News). “All the fossil fuel that’s in the earth has to stay there now,”; she said. “We have enough already. Big oil doesn’t know that word, “enough.'”;