Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper put their friendship to the test on Sunday night’s “Watch What Happens Live” as they played a game of “One, Two, AC!”

Kim Zolciak quizzed the pair to find out how much they really knew about each other, with them dishing the dirt on when they lost their virginity and who has the highest freak number in bed.

Other questions included: “Does Andy wear boxers or briefs?” “What is Anderson‘s favourite TV show?” “If Andy were to roleplay in the bedroom, what would he dress as?” and “What is Anderson‘s worst fear?”

Zolciak, 39, also asked the pair whether or not they’ve ever dated.

However, Cohen, 49, insisted: “That would be weird,” as Cooper, 50, added, “Very uncomfortable.”

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The pair, who are touring together with their Intimate AC2 dates, also spoke about the time they were set up on a blind date 25 years ago.

Cohen explained, “[That] is how we met but nothing happened.”

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Cooper went on: “We never had a blind date. I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen,” as Cohen hit back, “So nasty!”

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