Ruby Rose Reveals She Accidentally Bought Her Mom A Giant Pig: ‘It Wants To Eat Me’

Most people look forward to heading home for the holidays to spend Christmas with the family, but not Ruby Rose.

The 31-year-old appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, admitting she’s barely got a place to stay in Australia, thanks to one humongous pet.

Rose told Fallon of why she doesn’t want to head home: “Pig drama. A real-life pig that wants to eat me lives in my home.”

The actress went on to say how her mom had always wanted a pig, so she decided to make her dreams come true and buy her a mini teacup pig.

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However, despite the Kunekune breed supposedly staying small throughout their lives, Rose insisted their pet had “doubled in size every week until it grew to the size of a wild boar.”

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Rose stated, “This is false advertising! She had to get a new house because it wouldn’t fit.

“Now we’re trying to buy next door, this is the only time I will ever agree that there needs to be a wall. This pig wants to eat anything under the age of 15.

“I’m basically sharing a bed with this pig, it’s outside these paper-thin doors,” she added, of her bedroom.

Rose has been busy promoting her latest movie “Pitch Perfect 3”. Watch her fellow castmates talk about the film, which hits theatres Dec. 22, in the clip below.

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