Meet Coco Rocha’s Adorable Baby Ioni

Canadian model Coco Rocha takes on a new role as mom to daughter Baby Ioni Conran. ET Canada caught up with the new mom and her bundle of joy during her exclusive photo shoot with Fashion Magazine.

Rocha can strut the runway, design a line of handbags and pose… all while holding a baby. She was a natural on set with Ioni, who didn’t even make a peep.

“She’s been such a good baby she’s made it such a great experience for both James and I through pregnancy, through birth, through just these first two months, it’s been so easy,” Rocha tells us.

Coco took Ioni on her first plane ride to Toronto at just 8-weeks-old. Between travelling, working, managing eight social media platforms and taking care of a newborn, Rocha has taken on motherhood seamlessly.

First flight with #IoniConran and she was as good as gold. Not even one complaint.

A photo posted by Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) on May 24, 2015 at 9:11am PDT

//“Just everyday her growing and doing something new… we were saying earlier today how you can stare at a baby for a very long time and do nothing else… so she’s been the best… and it’s been so exciting!” Rocha and husband James Conran had a little help from their parents, but not to take care of Ioni. It was to take care of them! “It’s time consuming being a parent and that’s not a bad thing at all, but then all of a sudden you’re like I need to take a shower because it’s been three days… or I want to make a meal tonight, I want it to be more than just a microwave meal,”adds Rocha. It’s clear Ioni got it from her mama and has ‘the art of posing’ down pat. Rocha and Conran created an account for her so she could share special moments with friends, family and fans as well as a keepsake for when she’s old enough to post.

#babyselfie A photo posted by Ioni James Conran (@ioniconran) on May 11, 2015 at 3:38pm PDT



“I look back at my baby albums quite a lot when I go back to my mom’s house and see like my first carrot – I can remember that picture – or my first ice cream. It’s such a fun thing to go back and look at, so I know she would definitely appreciate seeing those sorts of photos,” reveals Rocha.

With already 38.5 K Instagram followers, she is sure to follow in her mother’s footsteps but, Rocha insists she would never pressure her daughter into the modeling industry: “If I’m going to model and tell other young models that they can do it and how to do it then of course it would only be fair and right to let her- if she wanted to.”

Read more when the issue of Fashion Magazine hits newsstands July 13.

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