Johnny Depp took a break from filming the fifth instalment of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise to bring some smiles to a few sick children.

Depp visited the Lady Client Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia disguised as his Pirates character, Captain Jack Sparrow.

“[His costume] was pretty cool,” one child, Max Bennet, told ABC Australia. “He tied a knot in his hair to make a beard, that was my favorite part.”

Bennet, who suffers from a neurological disorder, was overjoyed when the actor took the time to chat with him. “He was going from room to room seeing all the kids who couldn’t get out of bed,” Bennet’s mom said. “We waited out of the front of one of the rooms, and he came up to us and had a really good chat to Max.”

She added, “he was taking his time to make sure he spoke to each and every one of [the kids]. It was really beautiful…He was here for the kids.”

Not only did Depp spread a little joy, but he also gave out a little gold too. The star handed out engraved gold coins to all of the children.

Check out the photos from Depp’s touching visit.