Veteran film critic Rex Reed made some huge goofs in his recent review of “The Shape of Water”, mistakenly writing that the film was directed by actor Benicio Del Toro (it wasn’t) and even spelling his name wrong.

Reed, who’s been reviewing films since the 1960s (and appeared in legendary 1970 celluloid disaster “Myra Breckinridge”), posted the review on the Observer website on Tuesday, confusing the “Sicario” star for the film’s actual director, Guillermo del Toro.

To make matters worse, Reed, 79, spelled the actor’s name “Benecio” (it’s Benicio) and wrote that he hails from Spain (actor Del Toro was born in Puerto Rico, while director del Toro hails from Mexico).

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In another part of the review, Reed describes the character played in the film by Sally Hawkins as “mentally handicapped” when she is actually mute. Worst of all, Reed panned the film, which has already wound up on many year-end best-of lists from his fellow critics.

The gaffe-filled review quickly went viral, leading the film’s director to issue a joking response on Twitter. “What an honour it would be to get a bad review from Rex Reed,” tweeted del Toro. “Alas, Benecio (sic) can enjoy it for now…”

Naturally, Twitter had no choice but to mercilessly mock Reed for his multiple mistakes.

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