Phil Collins Gives Fans Instructions For The Perfect Way To Ring In The New Year

New Year’s Eve is all about the countdown, but Phil Collins may have found better way to ring in the new year than counting down from 10.

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The former Genesis drummer took to Twitter to give fans instructions on how to use his classic solo song “In The Air Tonight” as a musical countdown.

It must be noted that Collins got his timing a little off, though. The infamous drum break from “In The Air Tonight” kicks in right at three minutes and 40 seconds into the song, which means if you want to enter the new year with one of the most cathartic musical moments ever recorded, you’ll need to hit play on the song at precisely 11:56:20 p.m. on Dec.31.

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Despite his slight screw-up on the timing, it’s the thought that counts, and one Collins fan on Twitter put it best:

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