Watch: Ryan Reynolds Urges You To ‘Vote Gosling’ In ET Canada’s Most Beautiful Battle

As Ryan Reynolds goes head to head with Ryan Gosling in round two of our battle of Canada’s Most Beautiful Stars, our Natasha Gargiulo caught up with the “Self/less”; star to talk about the new film, good looks, his new baby daughter and life as a parent.

“Oh God, well he is very handsome, very handsome man,”; Reynolds shares about his current competitor. Although the Vancouver-born star was quite impressed by his excellent showing in the battle, Reynolds ultimately threw all his support behind his fellow A-list actor, urging ET Canada fans to “vote Gosling.”;

“Me or Gosling? That’s a terrible situation,”; he says. “I’m going to try something else, I’m going to try something different, I’m going to go with Gosling.”;

Now, moving on to even more adorable topics, Reynolds is quite candid when talking about his new family. After welcoming daughter James with wife Blake Lively back in December, Reynolds explains how his new addition has made him reevaluate life. “You look at them and you think, “okay you’re six-months-old now, soon you’re going to be a year old, and if we’re lucky we’ll have 90 years on this planet and then poof that’s it,'”; he says. “The pages of time start flipping by much faster when you have a baby.”;

And with time passing by so quickly, Gargiulo had him thinking ahead to James’ first dates — a topic that left him with an uncomfortable feeling: “I don’t even want to think about that… hope she chooses wisely.”

He also gives credit to James for keeping him grounded, along with his three older brothers.

Do you agree with Reynolds’ choice for Canada’s Most Beautiful Star? Place your vote in round 2 of our poll today! And watch the actor talk all about it below.

Watch Reynolds talk about his stunts in “Self/less”; below! And tune-in tonight for the full interview.

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