Actress and singer Lainie Kazan found herself under arrest for shoplifting on Sunday after attempting to walk out of a Los Angeles-area supermarket with nearly $200 worth of groceries — without paying for them.

As TMZ reports, the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star, 77, allegedly filled reusable shopping bags with approximately $180 worth of groceries at a Gelson’s Market in the San Fernando Valley, placing the groceries in a shopping cart and bypassing the checkout, bringing them out to her car.

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While exiting the store, Kazan was reportedly spotted by a store employee, who confronted her and then called police.

According to TMZ, Kazan was arrested for petty theft, handcuffed and hauled off to jail. After being booked, she was released without bail.

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Sources told TMZ that Kazan offered an explanation for why she didn’t pay for the groceries: she wasn’t carrying any money with her at the time.

Kazan’s attorney Mark Werksman, however, chalks up the whole thing to a “misunderstanding.”

“Lainie is not a shoplifter. Nor has she ever left a Gelsons store without paying for her groceries,” Wekrsman told E! News. “This was a misunderstanding by Gelsons employees who did not give her a chance to pay for her groceries before detaining her. We look forward to resolving these charges in court where we are confident she will be exonerated.”

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