Director Nick Cassavetes Labelled ‘Evil’ By Ex-Wife’s Mother After Claiming His 13-Year-Old Daughter Is Missing

Nick Cassavetes’ ex-wife’s mother, Linda Massad, has hit out at the director after he claimed her daughter had gone “on the run” with their child in tow.

TMZ reported Cassavetes — known for directing such films as “The Notebook” and “My Sister’s Keeper” — had filed a police report, stating he had not seen Barbie in a month and alleging that his estranged wife, Heather Wahlquist, had disappeared and taken Barbie with her.

Furthermore, Cassavetes said that his daughter’s phone had been shut off and Wahlquist refused to take his calls, which he said is a violation of their custody agreement.

However, in an emotional TMZ vid, Massad was seen tearfully explaining her side of the story, calling Cassavetes “evil” and “awful.”

She sobbed: “You don’t know what he’s done, you have no idea what he’s done! She’s never denied him of seeing her child.”

Massad added of the pair’s 2012 split, “He wants revenge against my daughter, it’s not about his child, it’s about my daughter leaving him. He told her when she left ‘I will make your life a living hell.'” I’m afraid he’s got some hitman after my kid and after my sister.”

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Before Massad released the clip, Cassavetes told TMZ: “My 13-year-old daughter Barbarella Cassavetes has gone missing, her mother repeatedly ignoring and disobeying court orders and stipulations. Heather Wahlquist is on the run, refusing to let me see Barbie, ignoring mandatory court appearances, and evading law enforcement.”

“We believe her family, grandmother Linda Massad and great aunt Jeanette Massad Anderson have been assisting in hiding Barbie and have also been served,” he added. “I don’t know if she is OK or not, and I am extremely concerned for her well being.”

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