No one is safe from Ryan Reynolds’ shenanigans — not even his own daughter.

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The Vancouver native posted a photo of his lit fireplace on Instagram and detailed a conversation between him and his daughter in the post’s caption. Reynolds, 41, did not specify which daughter he was speaking to, but it is fair to assume it was his 3-year-old James and not 1-year-old Ines.

“Santa comes down the chimney?” his daughter asked. “Yup…” replied Reynolds. His observant daughter noted, “You left the fire burning all night.” Reynolds: “Yup.”

“(Silence. Slight breeze. A crow circles in the distance,)” the “Deadpool” star painted the scene.

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It looks like Reynolds has a clever child on his hands. Who knows how long before little James starts getting witty with her famously sarcastic dad.