Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Talk Throwing Some Punches In Toronto

Jake Gyllenhaal is superhuman. For 2014’s “Nightcrawler”;, he dropped 30 pounds to play a sociopathic cameraman,  and then he went straight to work on “Southpaw”; and put it all back on and then some.

For his role as a champion boxer he gained an additional 15 pounds of pure muscle, but he tells our Matte Babel that was the least of his worries. “I was just terrified that I wouldn’t know how to box… that terror drove me through the whole thing,”; he confesses. “It wasn’t really about looking like it physically, but I think over five months when you train twice a day and you do all that stuff, and like a boxer that inevitably comes.”;

While he put in the work, with amazing results, don’t assume the actor is drooling over his rock-hard body like the rest of us. The actor teases Babel at the Toronto premiere of “Southpaw”; about whether he admires himself in the mirror. “Stop projecting on me. Don’t project on me!”; Gyllenhaal jokes. “Before I came over here, he was looking in a mirror, “how you doing?'”;


Onscreen Rachel McAdams plays Gyllenhaal’s wife and while she doesn’t throw any punches in the film, that doesn’t mean she didn’t jump at the chance to get in the ring herself. “I got to box. I got to train with Jake and his trainer… it was great,”; she reveals. “You sweat so much and you get tight quick.”;

McAdams says she was so struck by her co-star’s performance and commitment to the role: “He gave everything he had. What you realize is a boxer goes 12 rounds and he was going 42 everyday. He was working even harder than Pacquio.”;

On the small screen, McAdams is getting rave reviews for her work on “True Detective”; and there’s also some chatter that she’s dating her co-star, fellow Canadian Taylor Kitsch. Their relationship is far from confirmed, but one thing is for sure, like all good Canadians, they bonded over Canada’s most cherished things like ketchup chips and poutine.

“It’s always nice to have someone from home there,”; she says. “He’s from the west coast so it’s a little bit different, but he’ still Canadian… we talk about hockey.”;

Finally, after years of hoping for “McGosling”;, we have shifted our hope to “McKitsch.”; Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

“Southpaw”; hits theatres nationwide on July 24. Tune-in for Babel’s red carpet interviews with the stars tonight on ET Canada.

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