Prince Harry has fully embraced his role as radio interviewer, first speaking with former president Barack Obama, and now with his own father, Prince Charles.

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In a conversation on BBC Radio 4, the two covered topics such as climate change and the economy.

Some were not impressed with the interview, though, criticizing Charles for sitting down for an interview with a family member rather than the press.

As the Huffington Post reported, Charles refuses to speak with journalists unless they sign a 15-page contract, which includes giving him rights to oversee edits and even block an interview from airing.

Many on Twitter, including journalists, complained about the interview for being “chummy” and “insulting” that the public was hearing from the Royal Family instead of those affected by the issues discussed.

The two did open up about at least one personal fact in the interview when Harry revealed his nickname for Charles is “Pa”.

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Asked what the issue he most wants to see the world focus on in the new year, Charles said, “As you know, because I’ve probably bored you to tears for so many years… the issue that really does have to be focused on, big time, I think, is this one around the whole issue of climate change.”

“Maybe now, some years later, they’re beginning to realize that what I was trying to say may not have been as dotty as they thought,” he added.