Bono Reveals U2 Wrote About Dying On Their New Album After He Had A Near-Death Experience

Bono gets deep with the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

The U2 frontman opened up about almost dying, which in turn, inspired a new direction on the band’s album, Songs Of Experience.

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Bono kept details of his experience on the down low, but he did elaborate on its meaning behind the record, “People have these extinction events in their lives; it could be psychological or it could be physical. And, yes, it was physical for me, but I think I have spared myself all that soap opera,” Bono explained. “Especially with this kind of celebrity obsession with the minutiae of people’s lives—I have got out of that. I want to speak about the issue in a way that lets people fill in the blanks of what they have been through, you know?”

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He thankfully got the medical attention he needed: “People have had so much worse to deal with, so that is another reason not to talk about it,” he told RS. “You demean all the people who, you know, never made it through that or couldn’t get health care!”

After Bono recovered, he and U2 decided to write about it. “Strangely enough, mortality was going to be a subject anyway just because it is a subject not often covered,” he said. “And you can’t write Songs of Experience without writing about that. And I’ve had a couple of these shocks to the system, let’s call them, in my life.”

Bono’s issue of Rolling Stone is on newsstands now.

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