Rachael Ray Cooks Up Controversy By Describing Middle-Eastern Food As ‘Israeli’

Dishes such as hummous, taboui and stuffed grape leaves are commonly enjoyed throughout the Middle East, but celebrity chef Rachael Ray stepped into some serious controversy when she labelled the foods as “Israeli” in a seemingly innocuous Twitter post.

Sharing a photo of her “Holiday Feast Highlights” a few days prior to Christmas, Ray’s Twitter post depicted an array of delicious-looking dishes for what she dubbed “Israeli nite.”

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However, any Palestinian will be happy to tell you that people native to the region have been enjoying those dishes long before Israel was founded in 1948, sending Ray knee-deep into the Israel-Palestine conflict, in which the region has been mired for decades.

Ray’s post was immediately mocked throughout Twitter, starting with some fairly light-hearted joking tweets such as these:

However, things took a darker turn as Twitter users felt the need to blast the TV cooking host about her insensitivity regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, ultimately generating more than 1,900 responses — most of which were negative.

As the posts grew uglier and more accusatory, writer Yousel Munayyer took it upon himself to explain to Ray why her tweet had stirred up so much controversy.


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