With a new season of her hit sitcom “Roseanne” returning in March — more than 20 years after leaving the air — series’ star/creator Roseanne Barr is back to stirring up controversy, this time due to her unwavering support of President Donald Trump.

Barr’s commitment to the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star’s “Make America Great Again” movement places her squarely at odds with the majority of the Hollywood community, and she took to Twitter to explain that supporting Trump is her attempt to “shake up the status quo & the staid establishment.”

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In a post-Christmas tweetstorm, the 65-year-old comedian laid out a detailed (if somewhat scattershot) rationale for why she voted for Trump, and continues to support him after his tumultuous first year in office, noting that “both parties hate POTUS [because] he has destroyed both of them- those who sit at the table where $ is stolen from the ppl & put in2 private pockets. WAKE UP.”

She followed that up by claiming that no president before Trump has so successfully battled “child sex trafficking in America and the world.”

She continued by offering what appears to be her personal political philosophy, writing, “When the narrative gets too righty, run to the middle. When the narrative gets too lefty, run to the middle. HOW TO SAVE AMERICA. you’re welcome! #MiddleWay,” adding, “When they go extreme, I run to the middle.”

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