Prince William and Kate Middleton may get all the attention, but it was Princess Anne and Prince Charles who performed the most royal duties of anyone in the family during 2017.

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With Prince Philip retiring from his public duties, and Queen Elizabeth staying mostly in London for her own engagements, it was Charles and Anne who took on the brunt of royal work, according to a report from U.K. newspaper The Times.

In terms of domestic royal engagements, Charles conducted an impressive 374 in Britain, but was bested by his sister Anne, who took on a staggering 455.

Charles caught up on the slack when it came to engagements abroad, though, adding 172 to his total while Anne managed to get in 85 engagements while outside the U.K.

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William, meanwhile, only got around to conducting 117 engagements at home and 54 abroad, while his wife — who is busy being a mother to two children with a third on the way — was only able to do 63 engagements at home and 42 more abroad.