Andy Cohen took over co-hosting duties from Kathy Griffin for this year’s “New Year’s Eve Live” special with Anderson Cooper, but some viewers were left wanting the original co-host back.

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Griffin was fired by CNN from the annual telecast after posing for a controversial photoshoot in which she was seen holding the bloody head of President Donald Trump.

Despite being good friends in real life, The Daily Mail reports that audiences found little on-screen chemistry between 49-year-old Cohen and 50-year-old Cooper, who wore matching black turtlenecks at one point during the show.

Twitter users complained that Cohen’s style of comedy was not working on the air, and that the Bravo host’s frequent mentions of the “Real Housewives” shows was a problem.

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The surprise winner of the night on Twitter was CNN host Don Lemon, who appeared somewhat drunk during the broadcast and at one point even talked about finally being open to a relationship in 2018.