The LOVE Magazine advent calendar clips are usually pretty steamy, but the latest, starring transgender model Hari Nef, is easily one of the most X-rated to date.

Fans took to social media to criticize the ridiculously raunchy clip after the publication unveiled the New Year’s Day offering Monday.

Some people called the vid, which is too racy to publish, “the worst yet” while another begged “please don’t start the year like this.”

Despite some negative comments, others insisted Nef looked “so beautiful” in the clip and insisted LOVE had done some “great work.”

Nef, 25, could be seen writhing around in the latest offering, while a man performed a lewd sex act on her.

Hari Nef’s LOVE advent clip is one of the steamiest to date
Hari Nef’s LOVE advent clip is one of the steamiest to date — LOVE

The vid, which was directed by Lena Dunham, opened with the star chatting to assistants while she sat in a makeup chair having lotion rubbed onto her legs.

She could be heard saying: “Glam, glam, glam, I like having my body touched and beautified at the same time.”

“I hate being this ugly but I love looking this good,” Nef added.

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As per usual, LOVE shared the upload on social media, with Nef gushing in the Instagram caption: “LOVE Advent is as fun as it gets in fashion, and a testament to Katie Grand’s vision. It’s always glam, always sexy — but goofy too, and that’s important!”

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She added: “Working on this year’s Advent with Lena Dunham was a dream: we laughed from the beginning of shooting until the end —plus she let me improvise most of the voiceover!”