Ryan Reynolds Reveals ‘Hottest Hollywood Chris,’ Chris Hemsworth Responds!

Actor, husband, father, Canadian, foul-mouthed merc, cookie traumatizer – whatever you want to call him, Ryan Reynolds has been slaying Twitter since 2014.

Case in point? Anytime he mentions being a “good” father:

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Or when he took it upon himself to say what everyone was thinking about 2017 People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” honouree Blake Shelton and former titleholder Hugh Jackman:

Which in turn, gifted us this:

(We can’t thank him enough for that one.)

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And it seems that Reynolds isn’t planning on slowing down his Twitter trolling, weighing in on the age-old debate: who’s the hottest Chris in Hollywood?

It all started with a simple question. Ryan, like most of us, wanted to kick off 2018 with some clarity, after the Kardashian Christmas card failed to give us the answers we wanted.

Thanks to Twitter user Team Negan, the conversation was turned into something much more interesting.

Behold, the answer you’ve all waited for:

And just when we thought that Ryan might have missed out on one other particularly dreamy Chris…


We realize he’s the Canadian gentleman we all know him to be.

And since we love the topic so much, we asked Chris Hemsworth his thoughts on the debate, as well as whether he could answer who’s the hotter Ryan. Watch below.

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Hottest Guys Named Chris In Hollywood

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