Outlander” proved to be ratings gold when the show premiered last August. And when the stars spoke to ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli at 2015 Comic-Con in San Diego they promised Season 2 would be bigger and better.

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Author Diana Gabaldon, who penned the original books and is working on the series, told us: “The second book is completely different than the first, because I don’t like to do stuff I’ve already done. So (Season 2 of “Outlander” is) going to be a completely different show as well.”

Sam Heughan plays the sexy Scottish Warrior, Jamie, in the hit show. And the 35-year-old says we can expect a change of scenery this year! “We go to Paris and Versailles… Jamie and Claire are sort of thrust into this very political world. It’s very ostentatious, it’s King Louis XV and they learn things about their characters and about their relationship,” joking, “there are a few very attractive French guys that come on the show. No one wants to see that really. So it’s not worth watching.”

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But his co-star Caitriona Balfe says their attempt to speak French is no laughing matter: “The French actors that have come in like to giggle a lot at our butchering of their language. But I think we’re doing alright.”

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