Rose McGowan Opens Up About Harvey Weinstein And Her New Memoir

Rose McGowan has been a vocal supporter of the Me Too movement pushing to end sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, and now she’s opening up about her own experience with Harvey Weinstein.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the 44-year-old actress discussed her own allegations of rape against the scandal-plagued Hollywood producer.

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“I’ve had this giant monster strapped to me for 20 years,” McGowan said of Weinstein. “He’s always been gunning for me. But that’s okay—I’ve been gunning for him, too.”

Though she says she has had other experiences with harassment, her alleged encounter with Weinstein remains the worst.

“Part of you has been left behind. You just got killed,” McGowan said of leaving Weinstein’s hotel room. “You still have the million-yard stare and don’t know what the f*** just happened to you.”

McGowan said her goal with her upcoming memoir, “Brave”, was to aid a great “social re-engineering project” to end sexual assault and harassment.

Even her own experiences at the hands of men in Hollywood were important for gathering information. “It was all gathering data,” McGowan explained. “Unfortunately, I am the data. It was a sacrifice. But I knew from a very early age that this messaging system was very, very wrong and needed to be brought down.”

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Now, McGowan sees herself as part of Hollywood and Weinstein’s reckoning. “They built a motherf***ing beast, and they built a motherf** *ing problem,” she said. “I am that problem to all of them. He represents all of them to me. And that’s why he must be slayed.”



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