‘Bright’ Sequel Confirmed By Netflix

Despite horrible reviews and celebrities like Chance the Rapper taking aim at its “allegorical racism,” Netflix’s big-budget sci-fi film “Bright” has been greenlit for a sequel.

Stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and director David Ayer are expected to return for the follow-up fantasy cop drama, with Ayer taking over sole scripting duties. The director, who usually writes and directs his projects, shared the original film’s screenplay with Max Landis, who was reportedly paid $3 million to 4 million for the first film.

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The original film takes place in future Los Angeles, where gang wars have expanded to include rival races: fairies, elves, and orcs. Veteran cop Daryl Ward, played by Will Smith, is tasked with having the first-ever Orc cop, played by Edgerton, as his partner in the volatile, new magical world.

As mentioned, the film, which is currently the No.1 movie on Netflix in over 190 countries, was largely destroyed by critics.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Joel DeFore called it “embarrassing”, while Indiewire’s David Ehrlich dubbed it “the single worst movie of 2017”, a review Ayer couldn’t help but comment on.

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