At the tender age of 25, Daniel Radcliffe has already played a variety of roles, but one he’s never attempted: receptionist.

The British star suited up in a blazer and collared shirt to take on his new real-life role, before getting a few tips from Nylon’s actual receptionist, Lauren Adler.

So how does he do it?

Completing everyday office tasks with ease, Radcliffe blends into his surroundings at first, handing out smiles and hellos like it’s his job. When the office starts to see more visitors however, the actor’s latest gig falls off the rails.

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“I love your work in Harry Potter,”; one man gushes, adding “and the horseplay you did! I didn’t see it, but…”;

A handful of selfies, Instagram snaps, handshakes and a request for a bathroom key later, the Kill Your Darlings star explains why the struggle is in fact real.

“It’s already proving to be like, the hardest thing I’ve ever done,”; Radcliffe admits. “I’m struggling under the pressure. I’m cracking already, it’s not been good.”;

The best part? Joe Jonas drops by for a meeting!


See how Daniel handles the celebrity guest in the video below.