Get ready for a TV crossover that nobody saw coming when the forensic investigators of Bones will enter the weird supernatural world of Sleepy Hollow next season.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fox is planning a creative mashup of Bones and Sleepy Hollow in a special two-parter that will begin in an episode of one show and conclude in an episode of the other.

However, adds EW, we may have to wait awhile before seeing it; while the crossover was originally set to take place early in the fall, the “complicated logistics involved”; (presumably because Bones is filmed in L.A. while Sleepy Hollow“s third season will shoot in Atlanta) has led producers to delay the episodes until later in the season.

No details yet about storylines or how this seemingly impossible crossover takes place.

Bones returns for its 11th season on Thursday, Oct. 1 on Global; until then, you can always catch up on last season by watching full episodes of Bones online.