“Cheers” star and Scientologist Kirstie Alley has had enough with one Huffington Post writer.

Alley, 66, shunned writer Yashar Ali for the journalist’s “hatred” of Scientology after Ali highlighted the actress’ seemingly contradictory responses to rape allegations against Paul Haggis and Danny Masterson.

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“Man, you really hate this religion,” Alley tweeted on Saturday. “What religion are you Sir? Just curious if you write bigoted s**t about all religions or just this one? I think it’s YOU who is really enjoying this downfall [of Haggis] as it gives you another opportunity to be hateful.” Adding, “Go on with your hateful self.”

Ali previously tweeted about Alley and both sexual assault investigations, suggesting the actress had bias feelings towards Scientologist Masterson and ex-Scientologist Haggis.

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“The Church of Scientology is certainly enjoying Paul Haggis’ downfall,” tweeted the journalist.

You can witness the entire Twitter exchange between Alley and Ali below.

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