Pamela Anderson is sending a warning to women using ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft.

In a new PSA from Ride Responsibly, the Canadian-born actress is seen waiting for her app-requested ride when she begins seeing signs about the Me Too movement and warnings about sexual harassment and assault.

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In an alarming scene, Anderson gets into the back of a man’s car and then sees a billboard that says “Ride-hail drivers suspected of rape.” Suddenly the doors in the car lock and the driver looks at her and says “Shall we?”

Finally, Anderson speaks, explaining the dangers of riding in strangers’ cars and that many ride-sharing companies do not consider the actions of drivers their responsibility.

Ride Responsibly released a similar PSA starring Anderson in 2016 which was a parody of “The Dating Game” called “The Driving Game”.

A spokesperson for Lyft told the New York Times that the new PSA from Ride Responsibly “misleads consumers about the many benefits and safety features of Lyft.”

“All drivers must pass rigorous screenings, including criminal background and driving-record checks, before they’re able to drive for Lyft, and every ride is covered by a $1 million liability insurance policy,” the spokesperson said. “Implying otherwise is simply not true.”

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A spokesperson for Uber also told The New York Times, “No means of transportation is 100 percent free of incidents and accidents,” and said, “Uber feels a responsibility to contribute to safety, help fight tough issues and mitigate any incidents.”